Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dracula & Peles Castle + Brasov

On Friday we spent all day, 12 hours, on a day trip to Bran Castle which is the popular Dracula’s Castle. We also saw Peles Castle and Pelisor Castle and the cutest medieval town of Brasov, Romania. I booked the tour through Bucharestcitytour.com before we left. I always get a little nervous booking tours cause I think what if it’s not legit. But so far it’s been great. The tour was awesome we packed a lot into one day. And it was nice to do it with a company because you get lots of inside information and Clark likes not having to drive in a new country. 

We left at 8am with a group of about 13 on a mini bus. Our first stop was Peles Castle and the grounds. We got a tour and to explore the inside of Pelisor Castle but not Peles Castle since it was under renovation inside. The tour guide asked if I was from America and I said yes he asked if I was impressed with the castles since there aren’t any castles in America and I was like yeah. But we have seen some cool castles in Europe. These were very pretty though and in such a cool style. Peles Castle was very impressive. There was also about 15 dogs that lived on the grounds that were just sun bathing. They were filming a movie or TV show on the grounds too. I told Clark we need to look our for a movie or show that might have been filmed in Romania and we can say we were there!

We then had one hour drive to Bran Castle. The Romania countryside was very beautiful. Mountains and green fields with lots of sheep. We had a little over two hours at Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle. They say the story of Dracula is based on the emperor Vlad the Impaler and he lived in this castle so that’s why they call in Dracula’s Castle. It’s also in Transylvania which we know is the place that vampires live.

The inside of the castle was cool. Although very old. The stairs and wood was very worn. I think it is a very popular Romania attraction but despite our tour guide saying it was going to be very busy it wasn’t that bad. There was also a ton of stalls with souvenirs, handmade goods, sweaters, slippers, furs, antiques etc. I got the coolest wools sweater that a Romanian grandma had hand-knitted. It is so pretty.

After we visited Bran Castle we went to the little town of Brasov, Romania. It is a sweet little medieval town with a walled city center. It even has a sign up on the hill like the Hollywood sign. We spent about an hour there. Clark ate a crepe and I had some popcorn. We walked around the town square and watched kids doing backflips of the fountains edge. Totally freaked me out by the way. Once we were done in Brasov we made the 3 hour trip back to Bucharest. It was a great day though and I would definitely recommend this tour if you want to see some of the countryside of Romania. 
love, Carlee 

Can you believe that I got my Romania posts up within 2 days of being home and I still haven't gotten all my Paris posts up which was like 1.5 months ago. Whoops. 

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