Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Falls Creek Falls

Back in Washington State! This state really is so beautiful, all the time, but especially in the spring. Or at least I feel that way right now because it is so pretty all around. The wildflowers blooming on the hillsides, the river water high, all the birds, and wildlife. For the last couple of weeks before I got to America I was researching things to do and places to see in eastern Washington. Isn't it funny that you can live in a place your whole life but not explore the area very well. Well this place was one of the places I discovered when doing my research. It is only 12 miles from Winthrop, WA which my mom visits all the time. So one day when my mom had to go up to Winthrop we drove the 20 minute drive to Falls Creek Falls and did a little hiking.

There is a campground called Falls Creek Falls and you can find parking there. Then just across the street you will see a little paved trail. It is only about 500 meters to the first falls. It was running so fast and hard when we were there. There was so much water coming down that it was misting up. We had to hide behind the trees at points as not to get wet. My mom and I just kept laughing and she also made sure I didn't get too close to any edges haha. I love her so much and I am so happy I get to spend time with her for the next couple of weeks. 

We continued on to another trail to hike up behind the falls. The trail was no longer paved but it was clearly marked and there was even some short cuts. We hiked to see the top of the first falls and there was even another falls! Not as big as the first one but just as pretty. We were also the only people up there hiking around so that was pretty cool. I loved the smell of the trees, it look me back to my childhood and all the camping we did as a family. Such good memories. If you are ever near Winthrop, WA and need a little day trip this is a fun spot. 
love, Carlee
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