Saturday, May 12, 2018

Stopover in Amsterdam

By the time I post this I will be back in America were I am going to be visiting for three weeks. When looking for flights back to America I always try to find the most direct flights. There are flights directly from Amsterdam, Paris, and London to Seattle. So I knew I wanted to fly from Naples to one of those cities and then directly to Seattle. Amsterdam had the cheapest flights and I had been in the airport a few times so I was comfortable with staying there. I flew out of Naples at 1pm on Monday and got into Amsterdam around 3:30pm. I checked into the Sheraton at the airport and then took the train downtown to explore. 

I had been to Amsterdam a couple of times and it is super easy to navigate the city and take the train from the airport to the city center. There were a few things I knew I wanted to do while in Amsterdam. I wanted to try these chocolate cookies that everyone talks about. They are from Van Stapele Koekmakerij and the only thing they make are the chocolate cookies and they are so yummy! I tried one and then bought a box of six to take back to the states for my family to try. I then headed over to Van Wonderen to get a Stoopwaffle. They are a popular Amsterdam treat. I got one with chocolate and crushed hazelnuts on it. They make them fresh and the chocolate is nice and warm. They have so many different topping choices and they all have carmel inside. I bought some boxes at the airport to take home as well. What can I say I like bringing home sovereigns for my family haha. 

After the yummy treats I caught am Uber to De Gooyer windmill. It is one of the tallest wooden windmills in the world and right in Amsterdam. I actually didn’t know about it until I was looking at a list of places to visit in Amsterdam and this was at the top. It is actually a pub now but I just wanted to visit and check out the pretty windmill. So if you are looking for a windmill to visit and don’t want to drive to the countryside in Holland this one is perfect. 

I then walked a few blocks to check out some fun street art. You might know by now but I love street art and will search high and low for good street art in new cities. I saw this sloth mural on Instagram and had to find out were it was located. It is in the cute little neighborhood of watergraafsmeer. I spent about 3-4 hours exploring the city and the weather was SO NICE. I was afraid I was going to get sunburnt at one point. 

After I was done with that, I caught another Uber back to the airport were I chilled for the evening before my flight out the next day. I ordered room service, went to the gym, and caught up on Jane the Virgin (such a cute show). I got some good rest and made my flight the next day back to America!
love, Carlee
Tank: TJ Maxx
Purse: JCPennys


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