Monday, August 13, 2012

Been a long time..

..since I came around been a long time but I am back in town and this time I'm not leaving without you. 

Lady Gaga reference! So unfortunately I will be headed back to Washington State without Clark so the above lyric isn't true. But it has been a long time since I have seen him. I am flying out tomorrow at 630am to South Carolina to see him! Yay for me right? I will only get to see him for three days but I will take it. 

Shirt Forever 21, Heels Target, Pants Old Navy, Jacket thrifted
I actually don't wear heels very often. I would prefer not to actually. You see I am 5'9 so I am pretty tall I don't need extra height to make me taller then all the guys around me. But these are my favorite pair of heels. I got them at Target like 3 years ago and I just love them. They are comfy and perfect with almost anything. Note to self: Serious face doesn't look sexy it just looks angry. Also three outfit post in a row, record! 

I love this print. I hope it's true! I will be back in four days. Talk to you then.

love, Carlee


  1. I'm 5'8" and I don't like wearing heels cause I tower over everyone! super cute outfit.. simple but sassy! Looks like you've got attitude with the heels..Love it!


  2. Carlee

    You look great I am glad you are going to spend some time with your beau!! Those moments are always sweet!!

    And YES your picture pretty much sums up the south.

    p.s. I did not know you are 5'9 lucy girl!!

  3. I love how the heels make your casual outfit look extra polished. :)

  4. Your heels are so cute, I love how they add something special to the outfit! And haha, my serious face always just looks angry too!! I must scare people sometimes =D
    Love your blog layout by the way, so pretty!!

  5. Congratulations for your blog.I'll follow you.
    X.O.X.O Jenn

  6. Love the heels! Have an awesome time :)

  7. I was just listening to that song from Lady Gaga, when I read your post!
    Anyhow, you look wonderful! Cute shoes too.


  8. Great black and white palette.

    Swing by to enter my Alainn Bella Giveaway!

    xx Love & Aloha

  9. I'm currently in the long distance boat, so I feel ya!

    xo Jennifer

  10. trips are always fun! though being without your lurve is always hard :( I hope you have a great trip regardless! are those heels you're wearing? work those heels hun! :) nice outfit

    clothing giveaway over at The House of Shoes! :)

  11. Last time I went to Texas, I leanred the best way possible that #6 rings true! Pecan Pie for breakfast lunch and dinner!

    Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!

Holly Foxen Wells


  12. Hey! Love the heels! I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Check it out!
    Much love,

  13. Love the pictures, and love the heels even more! I can't wait to see your future posts, and I'm excited to follow along!
    Newest follower
    Of Thoughts and Things


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