Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thoughts on...being a lifeguard

I have been a lifeguard for two summers now. There are some really great things about it! My tips and tricks only apply to a small town, city owned, outdoor swimming pool. That is where my experience has come from! And since I will be done with my lifeguarding job in 2 about two weeks, I thought this is the perfect time to post. 
-Always wear sunscreen. Even if it is cloudy out and you don't think you need it. That is when you need it the most. I use SPF 50 or higher. Crazy? But hey it works.
-Reapply sunscreen every hour.
-Bring ice water everyday and carry it with you. Never know when you will need a drink.
-Pack snacks to bring with you so during break you have something healthy instead of eating a candy bar the facility offers.
-Don't give anyone a bandaid to put on. Because once they go back in the water it WILL come off and then there will be a bandaid floating around. Gross!
-Get to know the local kids, your lifeguard experience will be so much more rewarding.

-Of kids tattling on other kids. There is nothing you can really do if you didn't see what happened.
-Of weird sun tan lines.
-You will disagree with the manager and your co-workers (other lifeguard) just like you would at any other job.
-Of thunder and lighting kids need to get out of the pool.
-You will get wet. People splashing you, kids jumping in near your chair. etc. 

One last thing, you will become a master at fixing goggles. If that is a life skill then a win for me. But I don't think it is... 

love, Carlee


  1. Wow! That's a nice view! Wayyy better than my parking lot view at work..


    PS. Fixing goggles? Yup! That's a must have on the resume ;-)

  2. Saying you're a life guard and save lives sounds much more interesting than my job. Looks like the job could be quite relaxing at times too, when there's not people drowning of course.

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