Friday, August 3, 2012

Ice cream

(Shirt Target, Shoes Hautelook, Shorts Old Navy, Belt JCPenny's) 

I am fascinated with outfit post that are on site and have props in them. Balloons, food, hats, bubbles etc. So of course I had to do one myself. What people don't tell you is how difficult it can be to pose with props and that it might be a bad idea all together. I have learned three things from this experience. 
1. People passing by give you weirder looks then normal.
2. Ice cream in 90+ heat doesn't stop melting just because I want to take cute outfit photos. 
3. When your ice cream make a mess in front of a building, run for your life. 
This was probably the most fun I have had on an outfit post. So even with some quirky twist that happened. I would definitely recommend taking fun photos out and about. It is so much fun! 

On another note this is my favorite black t shirt ever! At one point I thought I had lost it. But nope, it was waiting there faithfully in my closet for me to return to it. 

love, Carlee


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Love the top, it's so flattering, I can see why its one of your favourites, and the shorts are such a lovely pastel shade. I might try an ice cream post some time...the ice cream definitely wouldn't melt over here! :)

  2. HAHAHA yeah, I'm sure that was a hilarious sight for some bypassers! You still managed to get some great photos! And I love your shorts!! xx

  3. This really makes me want DQ, which is weird because I use to work there and never thought I would want another ice cream cone! Your pics look good despite the mess and awkward looks...haha, come visit me at

  4. The ice cream totally completes the outfit!

  5. Love your shorts! This post made me hungry for ice cream :)


  6. Yum icecream!! I love how your shorts are pastel too, like an icecream colour! So it all ties together really well, and you look super cute! :D

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  7. you look amazing!!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    check my blog if you want
    xoxo from Greece

  8. looks delicious!


  9. You look Gorgeous! The ice cream is a fun prop, i might have to use that one sometime, although it looks a little messy. But you still make it work fabulously! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cute! The ice cream cone prop is very funny ;)

  11. oh my gosh! these pictures are so cute!:)


  12. Yummy ! :)

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  13. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  14. kudos to you for being extra adventurous!! they turned out really well! i love the pink shorts against the gray kicks :D


  15. Cute shorts! Thanks for the comment, and yes, I made my header myself on I just uploaded a picture, colored it white, and then put text and stickers on it. :)

  16. Your ice cream looks delicious and I love the color of your shorts !

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  17. Your Blog is cute ♥
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  18. I love that outfit - the shorts are such a great colour! And how good does that ice cream look? Great post, thanks for sharing!

  19. omg-that ice-cream looks really delicious... :)

  20. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    follow eachother?


  21. haha, Ive had the same thoughts!

  22. Love the color of those shorts...and seriously, I haven't had one of those cones from DQ in years! Looks so good!
    And thank you so much for the comment and for following my blog!! I am following you back with pleasure!!
    A's Fashion Files

  23. i'm going to buy an icecream :)))) cute photos :)

  24. Your blog is adorable! I am a new fan and follower! :)

    ~ Cari

  25. you are so pretty! and these photos are the cutest ive seen all day!:)Xx


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