Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Harvest

During July I mentioned that I grew up on a farm. I explained that my father grows cherries and that we help every summer etc. Well my dad also grows apples. He has had apples longer then cherries and he has more apples then cherries as well. However, I am not sure which one he likes growing better.  I know there are different pros/cons for each. Anyways, I just thought I would mention a little tidbit of my life for you guys today. Also I couldn't resist the lovely backdrop that the apples trees gave.  
Shoes: Target, Shorts: Old Navy, Top: Macy's, Cardigan: Old Navy, Bracelets: DIY, Target.

Wow it has been a long couple of days! It took two days to get from Philadelphia to WA state. A seven hour delayed flight will do that to someone I guess. I swear I have the worst luck traveleing. My whole family doesn't want to travel with my and I don't blame them. I quite enjoy traveling alone anyways! On another note, I am all moved into my dorm at college. I dormed last year too, but I can already tell this year will be better. I love my roommate (we met last year), bigger rooms, and I have one more year of experience. This will be a wonderful year, I can feel it. 


  1. lovely pictures, how nice to have an orchard to play in

  2. Ah I'm so jealous! Fresh picked apples are the bestt!! Love your bracelets :)

    xo Rachel

  3. These pictures are beautiful, you have such an amazing lifestyle :-)


  4. Oooh those apples look so mighty delicious! Sad about the apple crop this year, in Michigan we lost sooooo much of it that there aren't many places that I can go apple picking! Lucky you, you have apples at your HOUSE. Nice :)



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