Thursday, September 6, 2012

Washington D.C 1&2

Washington D.C was awesome! So much history and I love history. My top three things from day one were: Lincoln memorial, American's in War exhibit in the National Museum of American History, and the World War II Memorial.
There has been so much walking these first two days of vacation. Wow! I have also seen so much great history. Every memorial/museum makes me tear up. It's a really emotional place. My top three things from day two were: National Archive, Library of Congress, and the Holocaust Museum. What a great city filled with so much history. The weather wasn't the best and my hair and I have a hard time handling this humid!
Now we are on to the New Jersey/Delaware coast tomorrow. I can't wait to swim in the Atlantic:)


  1. Wow! Wish I was there...

  2. ohhh i love the photos! lucky :) i wanna visit washington too!

    1. i love the pics too!!!!


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