Friday, September 14, 2012

Last days of vacation

So I am going to fit the last week of my vacation into one post!!! We checked out Boston so beautiful and historic. We also watched the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees at Fenway Park!!! Then we headed up the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.
Maine's coast is so lovely and definitely different then New Jersey. It is more rocky and jagged but still gorgeous. We saw some amazing lighthouses!
We also snuck over into Vermont. This state is so beautiful and much more then I expected we stopped at two maple farms, did a corn maze, sampled cheese and syrup, and had a great time. By far one of the highlights to this whole trip!!! Probably because it was completely unexpected.
After Vermont we drove down through upstate New York and Pennsylvania. And our last stop was Philadelphia were we saw more historic sites including the Liberty Bell.
We fly home tomorrow! I am excited to get home, then get back to college. I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one!


  1. Awesome!! I saw the yankees vs red socks at yankees stadium.. i bet it was definitely a different setting being on enemy turf! lol! AND.. i was just in vermont! (where my parents live).. what part did you go through? And I'm currently upstate NY.. the worst! What parts did you see? haha

    xo Rachel

  2. love these pictures! you are adorable ... and I really want a sailboat one day. true story.


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  4. looks like it was a fun trip! and chocolate world looks very tasty!!

  5. you're so lucky you get to see all this! one of my friends went to college in Boston and it sounded absolutely gorgeous. i love your pictures- and that lobster looks super intimidating haha!

  6. This looks and sounds amazing! I went to Boston on my 8th grade class trip haha! Love that you saw the yankees (my favorite), but really cool that you got to see two such famous rivals play! Also, sampling cheese and syrup sounds like pretty much the best thing ever!
    Hope you're having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah


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