Friday, September 28, 2012

Flower Crown

I love flower crowns. I know that summer is over but does that mean that my love for them should dwindle? I don't think so. In this post I made a flower crown out of real flowers only to find it wilted by the end of the day. So I decided that I would make a faux one. I pretty much followed Delightfully Tacky's directions to a T. Go there for the directions I used. 

I had the best time taking these photos. It was so much fun and I think they are just super simple and beautiful. As for the flower crown, now that I have made one I can't wait to make more. 

These ones are next on my agenda: 
I think a fall or winter inspired crown would be awesome. I will also post direction with my next one!
love, Carlee


  1. Ooooh Carlee! This is soooo cute! I have a photo shoot coming up.. May want to make one for my clients.. Thanks for the headsup! Have a good weekend!


  2. So beautiful! I can't believe you made this! You look like an angel :)

    xo Rachel

  3. What a gorgeous floral crown! You made it perfectly :D
    Its never too late to rock one of these beauties

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  4. Floral crowns are by far my favorite accessory, there so beautiful & delicate. You look gorgeous!

    Now following you :)


  5. You look so pretty! the crown came out great! good job!

  6. soooo.... pretty!!! you look fab !!! xx


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