Friday, November 14, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge

After we meandered around Central Park for a while Sunday morning and afternoon. We caught the subway and headed toward the Brooklyn Bridge because we had plans to meet up with a friend from back home. We went to high school with our friend, Kendall back in Washington State, and now she is going to school in New York City for acting. We met up with her beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (on the Brooklyn side) and got some Shake Shack (I think Clark and I both agreed it was our favorite meal in NYC.) It was a nice clean Shake Shack and not to busy which was great because I heard there can be lines around the blocks. 
After we got our food we headed down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to eat and get a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. We visited for a while and ate our food. It is so nice to catch up with people from back home especially in a big city! Once we were done eating and chatting Clark and I headed for the Brooklyn Bridge as we were going to walk over it back to our hotel on the Manhattan side. Kendall showed us the obscure stair entrance and we hugged and parted ways. 
Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge was another one of my favorite things. It was peaceful and beauitful. I really enjoyed seeing all of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge and I would definitely recommend walking from Brooklyn into Manhattan instead of Manhattan to Brooklyn because you get a better view. But if you have enough time do both! I didn’t think the bridge was too busy with people we walked across it around 4pm. (Maybe I am just used to people everywhere in NYC) 

More to come:)
love, Carlee
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Shirt: American Eagle

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  1. How fun! Looks like it was such a beautiful day. We walked over the BB when we visited, but it was at night and seriously FREEZING. I'd like to do it during the day next time :) Also, Shake Shack. Yes.


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