Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Still autumn

It’s still autumn well at least here in North Carolina. I know in most northern states there is snow already and has been for a few weeks. But here in NC it’s still autumn and it’s still November. I guess I don’t think winter until it is December. But people are already putting up Christmas decorations!! I am anxious for Christmas just like everybody else but I am holding out for xmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. I think it makes it that much more exciting! We will probably be one of the people getting our xmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I do want to enjoy Christmas here in NC with Clark and Knox as much as I can before we go back to Washington for Christmas with our families. We are leaving NC December 20th to go back to WA so you’ll only have about 20 days to enjoy Christmas here and we are gonna celebrate early here and give our gifts to each other earlier too. 
Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I am excited, we are hosting Thanksgiving for ourselves and a few friends. It will be the first time I am making a turkey and a full Thanksgiving! I am excited and also nervous but Clark it going to help me out. I am making the pies today! I am actually making mini apple pies. I have apples still from my dad’s farm and Clark and I aren’t huge pumpkin pie fans so we are gonna have mini apple pies instead and they will save well if not all eaten. Homemade all the way! I am glad to be getting the pies done today though. I have been asking my mom all sorts of questions all week about Thanksgiving. I think I have called her at least 3 times a day since last Saturday. lol. 
I am have these camo green jeggings since august and the last few weeks I have been pulling them out. At first, although super comfortable, I didn’t think they were very flattering but after wearing them enough and then seeing these photos I realized I was just making stuff up in my head. I definitely need a full length mirror. Asking for one for Christmas... haha. Also I feel like this outfit is the opposite version of the outfit I posted Monday. What do y’all think? Happy Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving:)
love, Carlee
Jeggings & Cardigan: Target
Boots: Sierra Trading Post
Shirt: Marshalls
Hat: Clark's 

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