Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Burgundy Hat

Just another outfit post over here. It’s funny how much more inspired I feel to take outfit post when the scenery is beautiful. I took these photos again myself with a tripod and I think I am getting better and better at the whole self portrait outfit post thing. 

I got this hat the same time I got the scarf in the last post from Forever 21 for $6. I don’t have a lot of hats but I think I might start to buy a few here and there when it feels right. I love the look of a great hat. So yeah, not much else to say. Last night Clark and I finished watching Insidious 2 we started it on Halloween night and got about halfway through. At the end of the movie I can say I wasn’t even very scared. I used to love scary movies then I lost my edge and after yesterday I am thinking I might be okay to watch them again. Haha it’s the little things, I guess. 
love, Carlee
Hat: Forever 21
Scarf: Marshalls
Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: H&M
Moccasins: Bearpaw

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