Monday, November 3, 2014

Red November

Happy November! I don’t know about any of you but I have been listing to Taylor Swift’s new CD 1989 since it came out last Monday. I think she mentions her classic red lips in like 3 or 4 songs and I felt inspired to try the red lip look. I did a little research (watched youtube videos) and I found that the best technique is to just use red lip liner on the whole lip. So over the weekend I found some red lip liner that would seem like a good choice. The brand is Prisime color Brick Red. I am not a big wearer of lip gloss, stick, liner, etc. I don’t like the way it feels on my lips (the stickyness and taste) but using just lip liner worked great and this liner was perfect it didn’t really feel like anything was on my lips at all. Which was perfect for me. 
This outfit was perfectly casual for the bold red lips and as you might be able to tell I felt more modely in these photos then usual. I think it is the red lips, I feel like I should be in a magazine. haha It was also nice to wear some layers. This is what I wore yesterday and the weather was sightly chilly. It was around 40-50 degrees all day and it was the perfect day to layer up. I even drank hot cocoa and ate a donut in the evening. I wasn’t even planning on taking photos of this outfit but I am so glad I did. 
Clark had to work all weekend so Knox and I have been keeping ourselves busy. We went to the dog park on Saturday, I ran to the post office a few times, went grocery shopping, watched Sex and the City, and took these photos with my tripod and self timer, also cleaned and organized the house which really needed to be done. It was a casual weekend. 
love, Carlee

Jeans & Hoodie: Old Navy
Scarf: Forever 21
Boots: Cathy Jean 

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