Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Downtown Naples tour

Last Friday, our orientation group went on a tour of downtown Naples with our Intercultural Relations leader, who is the cutest little Italian man named Giuseppe. Our group was 22 people and they were all in our orientation class throughout the first week we were here. It ended up raining during our tour so instead of doing some of the planned events, we went to tour the Royal Palace. Which was awesome and I am so glad we got to see it with a tour group because you get more information when you have a knowledgable tour guide with you instead of just walking though yourself.
The royal palace is amazing and it was home to the monarchy back when Italy had kings and queens and before that when Italy was under the control of other nations. On the outside of the palace are statues of every ruler but unfortunately the outside is covered in scaffolding so we couldn't see it but we are here for 3 years so hopefully sometime in that period they will be finished with construction of the outside. But the inside was absolutely beautiful, especially the grand stair case which I have photos of above. It might have been my favorite part. Another one of my favorite things was the tapestry that took about 50 years to complete and showed a scene. It basically looked like a painting but it was on done by thread which is amazing!
After the Royal palace we went to the galleria umberto which has shops and cafes but mostly the building it just beautiful and the whole entire roof is basically just one big sky light. We had some spaghetti and pizza and I had this wonderful graffa (donut) for dessert and I ordered it all in Italian (it was very broken) but the guy at the biggest smile on his face because he knew I was trying. They can really appreciate when people try to speak Italian. It was a good little trip!
love, Carlee 
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  1. i just finished reading this book (love & gelato) and it takes place in Italy and the entire time i kept thinking about you.
    im so happy youre out there!!!
    i cant wait to see what you get into these next 3 years!!!!


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