Sunday, July 10, 2016

We are in Italy!

We made it to Italy! Which I just think is absolutely crazy because the entire time I was "waiting for the other shoe to drop" meaning I really didn't think we were gonna make it without some hiccups. I kept telling people "I will believe I am moving to Italy when I am physical in Italy" haha but we made it and with basically little to no hiccups. Our flight took off and arrived on time and our dog made it happily and we are still alive and sane. Totally winning. So the first day we got in which was July 6 we basically just spent sleeping then on July 7 Clark signed into his new unit and I walked around the base to the commissary and nex and library (I even got a library card on that first day!!) and checked out our options at the used car lot.
Then on July 8 was our first day of area orientation which was from 900am-3pm so it felt like a full school day which was a lot and lots of information being thrown at us but all good information and I like getting the information first hand so that's nice. It's weird seeing all the blue navy uniforms since we are on a Navy base the majority is definitely Navy and I am used to seeing army camo. Not that, that's a big deal haha. Also I noticed that mostly everyone that works on base (store, library, hotel, etc.) is Italian which I didn't think was gonna be the case but I like it because I have been trying to use my greeting and parting expressions on them before I get out to the real Italy. It's nice to practice on some people they speak English as well.
We also got to explore Naples a little bit this weekend which was awesome! I will be sharing more photos from that this week. 
love, Carlee

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