Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our first day exploring Naples

We had such a fun day exploring downtown Naples, Italy on Saturday! When moving to Naples with the military everyone gets a "sponsor" which is someone that gives them information and welcomes them to the area some sponsors are good and some suck (so I have heard.) Our sponsor is amazing. He picked us up from the airport and has been really good about giving us all the info we need. He even offered to take us exploring on Saturday and we knew we had to take him up on the offer! So we did. We drove down to the Capo site and parked than caught the Alibus from the airport to the train station downtown and then from there caught the metro. It was amazing learning how the public transportation works and it honestly wanted that bad. And Naples is so beautiful, I don't know how anyone could not want to explore.
We were actually downtown for about 6 hours, it was a nice love day and I totally killed it on my Fitbit steps haha. We saw two castles and many squares and ate pizza and gelato. We even went to the top of the hill in Naples and got a great view of the city with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. I never once felt unsafe and since I know a little Italian it was fairly easy to order metro tickets and gelato and ask if I could sit next to a person on the subway. The people are really friendly. Our sponsor did say that there is petty theft here but that is about the worst crime that occurs. Which I will take any day. But there aren't really a lot of tourist here so it doesn't seem that pick pocketers are prevalent. That is obviously just my first impression, as we have only been out of the town once.
So far, I love it! It's gorgeous. I can't wait to get our Italian drivers license and a car so we can get off base more by ourselves and feel totally independent. But so far we have lucked out with a great sponsor and everyone is really friendly. I know we have been here less then a week but I can't wait to continue to explore and get settled! Also the weather here is amazing. So sunny and not very humid like North Carolina was. We are lucky!
love, Carlee 
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  1. This looks absolutely magical! What a fantastic opportunity and experience to live abroad.


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