Sunday, August 7, 2016

Boating around the Island of Ischia

On Saturday, July 30, we spent the day boating around the Ischia. Which is an Italian island a little bit off the coast of Naples. We rented a little speed boat with two of our friends and it cost $100 for the whole day. It was totally worth it. First we drove down to Naples port and caught the ferry to Ischia then we rented a boat there. We got sandwiches and snacks and drinks to take with us so we could spend the whole day on the boat. We ended up boating around the whole island which the rental company said takes about 3 hours total. We stopped along the way and anchored and swam and explored and had an amazing day.
This is the first Italian island we have visited and it was totally gorgeous and magical. It is great because Ischia isn't even suppose to be the best Italian island so I am looking forward to seeing the rest. This is also the first time I have ever driven around a whole island in a boat. I have been on plenty of boats and jet skis before but this was definitely a totally different experience. Seeing an Italian island from the Mediterranean Sea was amazing. I  definitely want to do some other counties by boat like Croatia! Looks fabulous.
It was a day well spent with good friends and that's all one can ask for. Also, how lucky are we to have already made some good friends? We have only been here a month! Sometimes it takes a really long time to meet good people and sometimes you meet them in orientation on your first week in a new place. Sometimes you luck out.
love, Carlee
Romper: H&M
Swimsuit: Old Navy

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