Saturday, August 13, 2016

Gaiola Island

On Saturday, August 6, we were on a mission to find Gaiola Island. If you are like me and have browsed Pinterest for travel ideas you have probably seen this photo which is from Gaiola Island in Naples Italy. So I knew that I had to find it. We ended up finding it and it is even more gorgeous then the Pinterest photo, however you can no longer go out to the island and walk across the bridge. You can pay a small fee and swim in the area or kayak but you can no longer go on the actual island as it is protected by a marine wildlife program now. Which is definitely a good thing because it should be here for years and years so others can enjoy it's beauty. That doesn't mean that I still wanted a little disappointed to not be able to swim out to it and walk across the bridge. Here are a few photos of Gaiola Island before we put our stuff down and jumped into the Mediterranean and swam!
love, Carlee

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