Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Copenhagen Day 2

The second full day I was in Copenhagen was lovely as well. Did you read about my first day? It was a little cloudy and colder this day but I was so loving the chillier weather. I still had my bike rental from the day before until about 4pm this day so I decided that the first thing I wanted to do was bike to the Norrebro district. I heard that there was some amazing street art and murals there and also a really cool park. I was not disappointed. On the way there I stopped to grab a donut for breakfast at The Donut Shop.
Once I made it to the Norrebro District I started scoping out the good murals. There is a really cool one by Cafe Lille Petter and just around the corner is another one. See both above. I then made my way over to Superliken park which is seriously a skateboarders dream! Clark would have loved it! Although if he was here with me he would have been very sad he didn't have a skateboard with him. It was also very colorful and modern. It is big to, I think it spans over like 3 blocks.
After visiting Norrebro I biked back down toward Indre By (the main downtown area.) I stopped to take some photos of the Palads theater it is just a movie theater but it is so bright and colorful. I also went inside the Axelborg building, there is a very cool spiral staircase inside and you can look up and see all the floors. I also biked along the river for a while and saw some people peddling boats that looked like swans and then there was a bunch of actual swans that children were feeding bread to.
I then went searching for the bakery Skt Peters Bakery which people say is the best bakery in Copenhagen and it did not disappoint! So yummy. I got the cinnamon roll with extra white sugar on top and it was one of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had. At this point I didn't have my bike for much longer but I knew I wanted to go to the Christianshavn area. So I biked there and I stopped at the cool pedestrian bridge, Circle Bridge, and then I biked along the Christianshavn canal. The colors in Copenhagen are really pretty. They know how to do bright beautiful row houses. Even better than Amsterdam! Which is saying something I think. 
I went back to my hostel for a little while and rested and I also turned in my bike rental. Then in the evening I went to find some food and came across a place called Barburrito. It is a little hole in the way place with really good mexican tacos! I had the chicken tacos and they were so yummy also they service was really fast. I then stopped at Rajissimo which has gelato, churros, waffles on a stick, and soft serve ice cream and I was actually going to get some vanilla soft serve but there machine was broke (what is this McDonalds) but it was probably the best thing to happen because instead I got a waffle on a stick covered in chocolate and nuts and it was seriously so good. I just needed a big glass of milk to go with it haha. Also, did you know Lego was invented in Denmark? 
So yeah those were my days in Copenhagen. The next morning I slept in until about 930 and then headed to the train station to go back to the airport. I am going to be doing a Copenhagen Travel Guide so I can put all the food, places, and recommendations in one post. 
love, Carlee


  1. seeing all your posts makes me really want to go!!!
    what is the hotel situation out there like?

    1. When I looked into the hotels they all were rather expensive and since I was by myself I couldn't really justify it. So I stayed at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel it was my first time staying at a hostel and my first time really traveling solo and I felt totally safe and comfortable at the hostel and it was in a good location.


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