Saturday, September 16, 2017

Now selling on Society 6 + new Casetify stuff

Hey all! I am excited to announce that I am now selling some of my designs and art on society6. If you don't know, society6 takes artist artwork and produces it on different items like clocks, pillows, greeting cards, shower curtains, canvas prints, duvet covers, laptop sleeves... and much more. Seriously so much cool stuff. I first opened a society6 shop as a way to sell my alcohol ink art on different products but then I added some tradition Little Sloth prints and patterns as well. I think my favorite print is probably the outer space one. I also love all the artwork made into clocks. I NEED one of my clock designs in my life just trying to decide which one. Come find me on society6!

I also have new cases over on Casetify. My favorite new ones are below. Find my casetify shop here. My best sellers are still the Fast Food, Lipstick, and Fruity case which you might have guessed by the number of hearts those ones have. One fun surprise was a couple of months ago my little brother bought a case from my casetify collection and didn't tell me and I saw it on his phone and was so excited. It was a fun moment. 
love, Carlee

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