Monday, September 11, 2017

Malmö, Sweden

Hey all! As some of you may know if you follow me on instagram @carleewengel I went to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden last week. I originally was only going to go to Copenhagen but when I was looking up things to do a bunch of people recommend taking a day trip over to Malmo because it is very easy and just a 20-30 minute train ride. So what I did was flew into the Copenhagen airport and took the train to Malmo. Once you get off the plane just follow the signs for baggage claim then for trains/metro. You will see a bunch of ticket kiosks and there are also workers there to help you. I got the one way ticket to Malmo and then followed the signs for the train. Once the train came I got on and it took about 20 minutes to get to Malmo. We stopped at the Hyllie station and the conductor said then we would proceed onto Lund, Sweden. I wanted to get off at the central station but wasn't sure if the train was going to stop there so I ended up getting off at the Hyllie station because at least I was in Malmo. I also got a great shot of the Emporia Shopping Center. I loved the modern architecture of Scandinavia. I found an ATM and got some money out so I could catch the bus to my needed stop since I was still about 5 km from my hotel. I went to the bus stop which was right by the Hyllie station and the bus pulled up. I asked the driver if the bus went to central station and he said it did. I went to pay with cash and he said that I needed a transportation card but he asked if this was my first time in Sweden and how long I was going to be there. I said it was my first time in Sweden and I was just going to be there for today so he was really nice and let me ride the bus for free. So just a quick 18 stops later and I was at my hotel for the night. I stayed at the Best Western Royal Hotel which is close to the train station, castle, and old town square area.
It was an easy walk to Lilla Torg and then I turned and walked up to the river that ran through the town and along the cemetery and park to see the Castle Mill and then the Castle in Malmo which isn't really much of a castle if you compare it to other castles in Europe. But the windmill was cool. I then rented a bike from Malmo by bike. You have to sign up online and then you get emailed a pin and user ID. The sign up process didn't take long but it took about 10 minutes for the email to come through to my phone so I just had to wait by the bike stand. It cost $10 for 24 hours of bike rental. You got a bike from one location and then can dock it at other as long as there is place open. I road from near by Malmo town hall to the Trainglen Metro Station. It is a really pretty metro station with a cool glass dome. Although I couldn't find the perfect angle for the underneath looking up shot that some other people had. Maybe I wasn't in the right spot. 
I then rode the bike back to the Stortorget (city square) and there was live music playing because there was a midnight run going on in the city the night I was there. So I stopped and listened to the music for a while. After that I went to the Surf Shack for dinner which was really close to my hotel and I got a pulled pork sandwich, fries, and a chocolate milk shake to go that I took back to my room. It was so good. 
The next morning, I packed up my things and headed toward Malmo central station which was close to me. I sat along the river and at an apple while watching kayakers and boaters go by, it was lovely. I think I also lucked out because the weather was super nice when I was there. Like 65 degrees and sunny. I spotted the lighthouse and the knotted gun sculpture on the way to the station. I bought my ticket at a kiosk and while I was a little confused about where to go exactly. I found the information on the screens displayed above the different entrances to the trains. I then headed back to Copenhagen were I spent the next 2 and 1/2 days. 
I loved the one day visit I had in Malmo. All the people I came across were very friendly. And it was just a nice relaxed town. I felt safe the whole time I was there and everything was in close proximity so it was easy to walk or bike to places. 


Pulled Pork Sandwich at Surf Shack


Bike with Malmo by bike 
Take public transportation


Castle Mill
Malmo Town Hall
The Knotted Gun
The lighthouse
Turning Torso
Emporia Shopping Center
Optimist Orchestra statue
Triangeln Station
Lilla Torg
Shoes on the bridge sculpture
Jean Alley

Raoul Wallenbergs Park

Malmö old cemetery Gamla kyrkogården

St. Peter's Church Sankt Petri kyrka

love, Carlee

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Shirt: Target
Shoes: Nike

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