Friday, December 15, 2017

Deck the Halls

I wanted to share some photos from around our home this season! Christmas here in Italy has been fun to far. Everything is so festive and most streets are lined with lights even overhead, it is magical. Decorating this house has also been fun. There is so much more space and shelves and window sills to put things on unlike our little apartment in North Carolina. This is my first year decorating our villa in Italy because if you remember last year, I broke my leg in November and ended up going home to Washington State for 3 months.
I have been making Christmas candy and cookies. Clark and I have been watching Christmas movies. So far I have watched Elf, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Santa Clause is Coming to Town (the 1970s stop motion one), A Year Without Santa (also 1970s stop motion), and A Christmas Prince. I kept seeing people mention A Christmas Prince on twitter which is a Netflix original, it is super cheesy but alright. People are saying it is so bad its good and I might have to agree. We have also watched a few of the Christmas episodes of the Office. I still need to watch The Grinch and Christmas with the Kranks and Santa Clause with Tim Allen. Those three for sure. Oh and The Holiday and The Family Stone. 
I love our pink walls. Especially in these photos. I love the way the Christmas tree looks against them. When we first painted them, I thought I like them but I probably won't do them in our next place but now I might have to do them in every place haha. I hope everyone's holiday season is going wonderfully so far. It feels like it is going to fast. 
love, Carlee

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