Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all! I hope everyone has been having the best holiday season. It has been pretty great over here although I will say December 22nd was not my best day. I first almost got hit by a car while driving to get groceries. It was so windy and cold as well. After I was done at the store I was driving home and hit a pothole and got not one but two flat tires both on the left side at the same time. Luckily Clark was already off work and came to my rescue. It was a pretty easy fix just took a little while. Another thing is one of my packaged didn't arrive to my family in time with their presents. I even sent it out on December 1st and it got to Chicago on December 5th and it has been in Chicago for at least 21 days. WHHHHHHAAAT!! So those are the bad things...

Good things... I have been making lots of Christmas goodies. I ordered tamales from one of Clark's bosses wives and since it is the holidays she gave me a dozen for free (sooooo sweet) and then I gave her some of my homemade truffles and cookies. Watching Christmas movies, lighting candles, making gingerbread houses, taking baths, staying warm, and thinking up New Years resolutions! We are spending Christmas Eve eating and playing games with some of our dearest friends here. Sometimes when we are doing something like walking along the streets in Prague I will say to Clark, "we have a good life." and he will say "it's great."

View our Christmas cards below plus some outtakes.
I took all these photos myself and of course I had to order two designs of Christmas cards cause I just couldn't decided which one I liked better haha. I love how they turned out. Happy Holidays and New Year!
love, Carlee
Dress: H&M
Boots: TJ Maxx
Knox's Scarf: Old Navy
Clark's Jacket and pants: H&M

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