Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Saxony Germany Bridges

Yes we went out of our way to look at not one but two bridges while on our trip from Prague to Dresden Germany. They were more than worth it though and really fun to see in the winter although I will say I am glad I brought two pairs of shoes because snow got into them on one of the trails. The first bridge we saw is the very round one that makes a perfect circle when the lake underneath is not frozen it is called Rakotzbruke in eastern Germany really close to the Poland border. It is in a little park and there is parking really close by. It takes about two minutes to walk to it from the parking area so super accessible.
It should be noted that it is massive blocked off and technically illegal to cross. They want people to be safe but they also want to keep this 1850 bridge in tact. So the people that do cross it to get the photo op are doing so at their own risk. 
The second bridge we visited we did on our last day on the way to the airport. We went from Dresden back to Prague and it was on the way. We had to go a little ways out of the way but not too much and it was definitely worth it. The second bridge is in the Saxon Switzerland National Park of Germany and is called Basteibrucke or Bastei bridge. Make sure to follow the signs to Bastei when you get near the area because I think our GPS would have lead us astray. We have learned that once your GPS gets you close to disregard it and look for signs to the location.

This is the place my shoes on wet from the snow it was a little more of the walk to the bridge and up and down some very icy stairs. I almost slipped twice but luckily I did not fall. Have a wonderful day!
love, Carlee

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