Friday, December 22, 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

We just got back from spending 3 days in Prague and it was lovely. Clark won’t really be able to travel from January until May because of his work so we definitely wanted to squeeze in another trip before the new year. I also have heard so many things about the amazing Christmas markets all around Europe. I found some nonstop cheap flights to Prague and since it is a city that is notorious for it's Christmas festivities I knew I wanted to go there even if just for a short visit. After checking into our hotel our first stop was the main square with the big tree and market. We were there for probably like 30 minutes and right after we got our first trdlenik aka chimney cake it started to poor down snow. It was crazy. I was loving it because we don't get snow here in Naples and I always had a white Christmas growing up so it was nice to see snow again. But after about 15 minutes we were freezing and decided to make our way back to our hotel to get on some warmer clothes. 
My main focus was the Christmas markets and they were lovely. We also visited Germany (post coming later) and I will say that the stuff and food at the Prague markets were so much cheaper than Germany. Whenever I go to a new city I buy a Christmas ornament as a souvenir and it’s fun to get to look at them every Christmas well i have A LOT of Xmas ornaments my tree is downing so I thought "I’ll only by one of this trip". I ended up buying 6 haha there as so many cute and unique ones I just couldn’t help myself and I also bought a handmade straw treetopper angel. But those were the only souvenirs I bought so not too bad. And I bought all in Prague except one so they were pretty cheap. The handmade straw angle tree topper was only $2.50 WHHHHHAAATTT. 
We ate at Las Adelitas a great Mexican restaurant, we also ate at Bad Jeff’s bbq and The Fat Cat. We got treats from the markets including trdlenik and also ice cream from amorino same place as Paris! Best cheesecake ice cream and the do it in the shape of a flower. Also the public transportation in Prague was amazing and we also used Uber to get from the airport to our hotel which was super easy and only like $15. 
Other than the Christmas markets we explored the Jewish quarter, the Charles Bridge including the swans (they will come eat right out of your hand), John Lennon wall, klementinum complex including the most beautiful library (but visitors cannot photograph it but that is okay because to see it in person was a total joy, The Jubilee or Jerusalem synagogue so colorful and beautiful. It was the first synagogue I had ever visited but it is going to be hard to top. We weren’t there for long but it’s definitely a city I could go back to and see so much more! 

We stayed at Savic Hotel and it was awesome, highly recommended. Oh I actually lied up top I bought another souvenir but it is actually for my dad so more of a gift. See the second to the last photo well there are custom nesting or stacking dolls and they had the University of Washington Husky football team which is my dads favorite college team. Can you believe that? All the way in Prague so I knew I had to get it. 
Scarf: Old Navy
Coat: H&M
Pants: Nike
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Purse: JCPennys

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  1. Amazing! I remember being in Prague for Christmas and the markets were amazing. You should definitely check out Prague Castle if you go back! The city is stunning in Summer as well.


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