Friday, June 22, 2012

Horse photography

One of the many things I have been doing so far this summer is mentoring a girl in photography. (I don't know if I should call it mentoring because we are just talking, hanging out, and taking photos.)Check here for my full bucket list for this summer.  Anyways she is 14 and lives in my hometown, which is where I am for the summer. Her dad was my English teacher in high school and got ahold of me about taking photos with her this summer and teaching her the knowledge (tiny amount) I know about photography. I met with her a couple of days ago and I showed her some work I have done, the camera I use, and a few techniques. 

I thought we should start off with something fairly simple and easy to shoot and I have always wanted to take photos of horses so that is what we started with. Here are a few of my favorite photographs that I took from our horse shoot. 

Do you have any great photographs of animals? I love silly/interesting animal photos. 

p.s. It is Friday (duh) so I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend planned.


  1. Great photos! That's so nice that you're taking the time to mentor someone :)

  2. Its really nice giving few lessons to a younger person :)

    About photography, the fourth full frame photo is nice. Which camera do you have. Because you can experiment with some DOF.

    Do not cut animals body at odd angles and places. Plus try to keep the horizon's straight.

    :) Good work indeed.

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  3. these are amazing girl...well except for the giant horse boogers... lol... love them though

  4. These are such amazing photos!!!

  5. Love that second to last one! I always love snapping pictures when I'm at my barn but lately it's been so hot that most of the horses are kept inside to keep their coats nice!



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