Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Plans for the summer

I am finally done with my first year of college and it went by so fast, but I am so glad it is finally summer. I have been seeing all the other wonderful bloggers write their summer wish list, to do list, or bucket list and I have been dying to write mine. I thought I shouldn't write it until I was officially done with the school year but now I am and here it is. 

Summer 2012

-Watch Clark graduate basic training in South Carolina in August
-Publish 100 post on this here blog
-Write the children's story I have had in my head for years
-Watch my little brothers play baseball as much as possible
-Improve my photography skills
-Jump off 'the cliffs' into the Columbia River lots
-Eat at the Taco Wagon
-Get into the Photomedia major at the University of Washington
-Mentor a girl in photography over the summer 
-Catch up with my high school friends
-Help my mom plant flowers
-Exercise 3-5 times a week
-Do three photography assignments (my own)
-Visit the King Tut exhibit in Seattle Wa
-Write a letter to Clark everyday
-Make homemade ice cream and popsicles
-Scrap-book my first year at UW
-Organize my bedroom


  1. I wish I had a summer to complete my bucket list, but post grad means bills :( Soak up the sun and free time while you can! Congrats on completing your first year! Definitely document jumping off those cliffs! xx, Allie

  2. I love your summer bucket list!

  3. You have lovely blog!
    And those photos are really nice :)

  4. These photos really make me wish I wasn't stuck in my office right now!
    Great blog!


  5. Thank u so much, dear!
    Gladly follow you on GFC and Facebook!

    My best wishes,

  6. nice post!

  7. I love your summer list :) great pictures!


  8. It seems your summer is gonna be awesome. Great plans!
    We've just discovered your blog and became fans here and in Bloglovin'. Hope you can do the same :D

  9. This makes me miss Summer! Beautiful photography :)
    xx Maria

  10. Great post & pics. ♥
    I'm following you now.. Follow back if you like?

  11. I love these pictures - and your list! Congrats on getting through your first year. I'm sure you hear this ALL the time but enjoy college and do as much as you can! I miss that time in my life. But the good news is post-college life is pretty good too!

  12. those burgers look soooooo delectable. and wow... the columbia river... i wanna set up a tent and live there.

  13. The view, with the Columbia River is amazing, breath taking!!!


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