Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advice for a military girlfriend v.2

....during the holidays.

Holidays are a time that most soldiers get to come home or have some sort of leave. Now this doesn't apply for soldiers that are deployed but if the solider is in the states they most likely get some time off to come home or you can visit them. It is lonely spending the holidays alone so any chance that you can see him or he can visit you is a great thing. This is the first year that Clark has been in the military so for Thanksgiving I flew across the country and spent the holiday with him. It was only 4 days but if you cherish the time and make the most out of it, every minute will be worth it. For Christmas Clark gets to come home for 2 weeks which is so exciting. So here is some advice for the military girlfriend during the holidays.

Don't just assume: he is coming home because it is a holiday. There are guys that live around the base year round and I am sure he could stay with them. So communicate.
You have to make the effort to: Flights are expensive so you can't just assume that he can afford to buy plane tickets home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. You need to make the effort to and go to him. He will appreciate it for sure.
Tell your parents: a good deal ahead of time your plans for the holidays. Whether you are going to see him or he is coming to you. This was the first year that I wasn't home for Thanksgiving and my parents felt a little weird about it but I gave them plenty of warning so it wasn't a surprise.
Plan dates: Whether your home or in a different state have things in mind that you might want to do with each other. That way you won't be sitting around bored when your together. It is fun to go on dates and do activities.
Don't over plan: You don't want to be doing something 24/7.You also want time to just cuddle and be together. 

You have to share: I know I know. You want him all to yourself. I know I do. But you have to share whether it is will family or friends or your family. Other people are going to want to see him and spend time with him. 
Time flies: The time that you have together will go by super fast. But don't make the mistake of saying that. You don't want to always bring up how many days you have left together, that will put a strain on the time you do have. Just enjoy every second. 

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love, Carlee


  1. Bless you, that must be so difficult not being able to see him so often, I hope you two have a wonderful christmas together! xxx

  2. You're so strong! My man's not in the military but I still read your post anyway. It's really well written and I'm sure it's handy for those with their boyfriends in the military. I've said it before but I just can't say it enough: enjoy the holidays and I hope you two have loads of fun together ♥

  3. Enjoying reading your posts! Following you :)


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