Friday, December 21, 2012

Neutrals on yellow

I found these boots in my mom's closet! They are so awesome and I was amazed that she had this great pair of boots in the back of her closet. I don't think I have never seen her wear them so I think I might have to take them over. . . 
Seems I have been dressing in pretty boring colors these days. I might be subconsciously be dressing to match the weather and the landscape around me. I am thinking my next outfit I need to at some colors and making some prints as well. But I do like this outfit don't get me wrong. It is easy and comfortable. Perfect outfit. 
Clark is in town. Finally. I have missed him so much. It is a really different experience to be a military girlfriend. I plan on spending every moment with him while he is here over the break. And I am sure I will keep you updated on what we have been doing. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and spending it with the ones you love.
love, Carlee

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  1. those boots are awesome! have fun with the bf :) and merry early christmas!



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