Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Giddiness

Yesterday when I got home I was so giddy for the holidays. The tree was up, Christmas lights, cookies in the oven, decorations all over the house, Christmas music on. It was so great. I even made my mom get out the box of ornaments so I could be a few on that they hadn't put up yet. I was so happy. We made some cookies yesterday and I got to put the presents that I had already bought under the tree. The holidays are a great time, I am sure no one will argue with me on that one.
So I picked out this 'Middle Child is Mom's Favorite' ornament a couple of years ago and since I am the middle child I always give my little brother a hard time when Christmas comes every year and it is hanging on the tree. He might be 11 and I am 20 but hey it is still fun to give your siblings a hard time. Oh the joy of the holidays. 
I am really excited to be sharing with all of you some of my favorite holiday recipes. My mom and I make a bunch of cookies and candy every year. I am sure none of the recipes will be ground breaking but I am still excited to share them. Then one day when I have my own kids I can look but on my blog this time of year and make all my favorite recipes without ever having to write anything down on a recipe card. However, I do like a recipe box filled up with recipe cards there is something so cool about a recipe box stuffed to the brim with recipes you have collected over the years. Hopefully someday I will have one, I guess I can start on that now.
Have a wonderful day.
love, Carlee


  1. Lovely post! I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes! xx

  2. That Gingerbread House is ADORABLE! I love it! I made one with my sister about 2 years looked nothing like :)

  3. Also, I grabbed your badge for my blog! Love it! :)

  4. your gingerbread house is amazing! and yay for decorating the tree--that's always my favorite part :)


  5. Gorgeous pictures! I've not started feeling very festive yet, we don't tend to decorate until about a week before Christmas, I'm hoping to get a chance to make a gingerbread house like yours this year

  6. I love your gingerbread house, too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. love your pictures!! so glad you are feeling the Christmas cheer! that gingerbread house is AWESOME!!

  8. Did you make that gingerbread house yourself/with your mom? That's amazing! + Very lovely pictures, really puts me in the mood for christmas ♥


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