Monday, December 17, 2012

Flakes of snow

Okay so it is still a few days out from Christmas but I was so excited yesterday when it started to snow. It'll probably all be melted by tomorrow but a girl can hope that it is not right. I am just glad it is starting now. It is looking promising that we will have a White Christmas this year. And since it is cold enough outside there better be snow on the ground. I hope my blog doesn't turn into to much of a weather report this time of year. 
Sorry these photos are kind of blurry!! I must have been just so excited about the snow. Hope you can forgive me. So I actually had a really boring weekend, I am home from college but all my family was out of town this weekend watching my little brothers play basketball. I definitely should have gone because I was so bored all weekend. My logic for not going was I didn't want to drive all the way there (3 hours) after just having to drive home from Seattle (4 hours). But oh well at least next time I know which path to choose. Go to family event and don't be bored at home.
Jeans: Macys. Jacket: A&F. Shirt: Gap. Boots: Bearpaw. Scarf: old. Hat: the boyfriend.
Anyone else experiencing snow right now?
love, Carlee


  1. We've had snow for about a month already! But, we haven't had any new snowfall for a week, so the ski hill is getting icy and miserable. I could definitely go for some more fluffy white stuff!

    Cute pictures. I love your hat.

  2. SO pretty! As much as I hate the cold...I kind of want it to snow to take pretty photos.

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  3. Great pictures!! I am really hoping we get snow next week!

  4. You're so lucky! It's only snowed once here and that was in early December. But, I have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

  5. Aw I wish it was snowing here in NY, sadly we've just been having weather that's too warm for snow so it's just been rain :/


  6. Please O PLEASE send your snow my way! I've been begging for snow since it turned Winter! haha. I guess Winter doesn't always mean snow :( haha. super cute pics by the way...I've always wanted thick hair like yours so I'm pretty sure I'll be following your blog closely just look at your hair...creepy? perhaps! hahaha. jk! Found ya from the gfc hop! Excited to be your latest and greatest follower :)

  7. No snow in the bay area. It gets cold enough though lol. Love how you are having fun in the snow. You look very cozy too.

  8. wow! this looks amazing! wish i could experience snow also. but i'm stuck here in the desert. :p

  9. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Cute photos! We have lots and lots of snow, it's been snowing every other day where I live. But it's nice having a white Christmas. :)


  10. Sadly no snow here in CA! I wish! You look so cute all bundled up :)


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