Monday, December 10, 2012


I guess one good thing about living in Seattle is that the grass stays green all year! Since it is so wet all the time. I am hoping for a couple of snow days winter quarter. Last year we have 3 snow days in a row we practically got the whole week off it was awesome. But I think there is snow back home so that makes me happy because nothing is better then a white Christmas right? Maybe this red and green outfit just shows how excited I am for the holidays. 
So I have been studying for finals like crazy. My last one is on Wednesday in the afternoon so I will be headed home on Thursday morning. Just have to make it through 3 more days and I am home free. People have made it through worse. 
This outfit to me just feels totally 'lumberjackish' you know what I mean right? The boots, red plaid, olive coat. That makes for a lumberjack doesn't it? Anyways, I am sure I am not the only one that loves me a good flannel shirt in the winter! I have seem to worn a version of this outfit everyday for the past five days. No not red on red. But skinny jeans, flannel shirt, jacket, boots... and scarfs and long socks get added in once in a while. Enjoy your Monday.
love, Carlee


  1. haha lumberjackish.
    and yes, i love flannels! i don't even care if they go completely out of style years from now. i will wear them. even in front of my kids which will probably embarrass them haha

  2. You make the cutest lumberjack I've ever seen! That was my immediate association when I saw this outfit. I totally love outdoors inspired ensembles and this is perfect. Of course, down here in Tennessee we don't have any chance at a white Christmas- it's been in the 60s and 70s all month!

    Triple Thread

  3. Thanks for popping by Pirate+Lilac!

    You're in Seattle? We're just a stone's throw away from each other! That also means you know the glory of living in rain for half the year ;) I've followed you, and look forward to reading more of your blog!!

    xo Kellee

  4. Love your look! So comfy!! Good luck on your finals!! I know school is tough!

  5. Carlee!!

    Oh I love this jacket!! Dark green goes with everything and those boots are perfect with this outfit. So cute!!

    XO Jenna

  6. Hi Carlee!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love this outfit on you!

    <3 xo - Brittany

  7. woah, amazing boots! i love that red zipper :)

  8. I totally know what you mean- I find myself wearing red and green together at the moment too- the subconscious is a curious thing!

    Great outfit- Hoping your finals go well tomorrow and enjoy heading home- I'm counting down the days until I finish for Christmas also! I love your blog!

    From your new follower

    Sarah XxX

  9. Love this outfit, and love your blog in general! I took a little look around. Definitely following. :)

    Lynette @ lynette marie

  10. good luck on finals! I am right there with you, girl. and if you look like a lumberjack, you are definitely the cutest lumberjack I've ever seen. :)

  11. Aww I just love your outfit =) sooo cute!


  12. Loving your bright colors!

    xo Jennifer

  13. Such a sweet blog you have :D You look like a doll
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