Monday, April 22, 2013

custom stamp / diy

I feel like I haven't been posting much and I think I feel that way because it is true. Well I am back today with a great DIY. This was a big tricky and time consuming as well. But if you have the patience and time it is worth it.

So the main reason I wanted to do this DIY was because I was thinking about buying my own Custom stamp for Little Sloth that I could stamp on packages and such. I was looking around and I saw they run about $45 to have a custom stamp made, the wood block type. I thought I better try it myself before I invested in a piece. I really love the results especially since this is my very first time ever making a stamp. I am now thinking about making one that says Handmade by Carlee or something. We will see. Anyways enjoy.
You'll need
Rubber carving block -I got a 4'x6' for $2.50
Carving tool -Mine was $1.99
Ink pad- $4.99
Tracing paper- $3.99

I spent about $14 dollars on this project total and have tons of left over rubber and tracing paper. So I thought it was a good investment. I will definitely be able to do more projects with the leftover material. 

1. Make your design. My logo is pretty simple. I designed it in photoshop, the way I wanted it to look once stamped. And printed it out on plain white paper. 

2. Trace your design as is on to tracing paper with a pencil.

3. Flip over the tracing paper on to the rubber block and press down so the pencil lines so up clearly.

4. Start to carve. Be patient. I actually had to take a break and come back because sometimes I can be impateint with things.

5. Test your stamp. I tested my a lot then when back and carved some more and tested again. It takes time and effort.

6. A product you are proud of. I am really excited to start using my stamp to put on shipping supplies.
After all the work and effort I put into making this, I can honestly say that buying one from a store on Etsy for $45+ is totally worth it. I think I will head on over there right now and buy one myself. It was fun though and if you are up for the challenge, I would definitely try it. Just remember patience is key! Enjoy
love, Carlee 


  1. Yay! I can't wait to make one of these. I don't know what i will use it for but at least i'll have it. I hope you have a great week.


  2. This is so cool–I've never made my own stamps before!

  3. What a great DIY project. I've tried doing it before but was not happy with the results. This post made me want to try again!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. this is so neat. I love this idea!

  5. I ove this idea - I really want a custom stamp with my new address, maybe I'll go this route

  6. cool and creative idea!

  7. This is such a nice idea!

    Carly's Closet

  8. This is awesome! I actually have a rubber carving block hanging around that I bought on a whim a few years ago. Maybe it's time to finally use it!

  9. This is a killer DIY! Thanks for sharing! I've been needing a custom stamp, I can't wait to make one now. :)

    xo. Mandy


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