Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mini blackberry pie

I made these delicious mini blackberry pies over spring break this past week. They were so good. My dad even requested I make another batch just for him because blackberry pies are his favorite. I had never made mini pies but I wanted too. I remembered I had pinned a mini cherry pie recipe on Pinterest a few months ago so I went there first for some inspiration. 
I first made the crust. Which is the hardest part but it you do it right it will be worth it. Put the flour and salt in a bowl. Next put chucks of butter into the bowl one at a time and smash with a fork. Keep doing this until all the butter is in the bowl. It should be lumpy. Next poor a little bit of the water into the bowl. Knead a little bit with your hands. This is where it gets tricky. The key to getting nice and soft dough after the pies are cooked is to knead it as little as possible. So keep mixing and kneading lightly until it is a ball of dough. You don't want it to be to moist. 

After you have the ball of dough roll it out on a piece of wax paper. I used a butter lid to make the round shapes. Then I placed them into a muffin/cupcake tin. I then used a knife and a pie cutting zig zag tool (not official name) to make the top. 

2 1/2 cups of flour.
1 cup butter or 2 sticks
1/4 cup ice water
1 teaspoon salt
The filling was super easy. So easy I had to check around on multiple websites for different recipes. I first looked in a Betty Crocker cook book for blackberry pie just to find how you do the filling. All it said was mix blackberries, sugar, and flour. I thought this can't be right. But it is. I used frozen blackberries and they worked perfectly fine. Just remember don't unthaw them. 

3 1/2 cups of blackberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
I really recommend trying these! Mini pies are super awesome and so convenient to eat and make. Oh my gosh. I will definitely be making variations of this recipe in the future. I hope you enjoy. I am sorry if the directions are a little confusing at times. It is hard to explain exactly what I was doing. So if you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. 
love, Carlee 


  1. I make mini apple pies like this all the time. They're super yummy and I love how adorable they look. You did a great job–so cute!

  2. These look great! I love blackberries, so these would be great to try soon!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  3. Tum! They look so good. I love the colors! I haven't eaten dinner yet & I might be drooling a little.

  4. Oh my! I have to try these, they look delicious! xx


  5. These look SO good! I might need to try this!


  6. oh my goodness this is amazing! i wanna try it

  7. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGG, these photos have made me SOOO hungry right now! hahaha. They look DELISH!


  8. These look soooo good!



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