Thursday, December 19, 2013

A frozen river

These photos are from our trip to Washington as well. Clark and I grew up in Eastern Washington which means not in the Seattle area, it means on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. Eastern Washington is a lot different then the west side and Seattle area. On the east side it snows, gets really cold in the winter, gets really hot in the summer, it's not rainy or gloomy. Washington is a great state. You have the best of both worlds. 
Clark and I grabbed his sister ChloĆ© and Tilly the dog and headed down to the Methow River. It was so cold back home that even a rapid river was freezing over. It was also so cold that it didn't snow. This was a really fun day and one of the first we spent back home. We slipped on the frozen river and had a ball just playing. After we were done we hurried back to Clark's mom's house and made some hot cocoa. 
Spending time with family and friends in Washington this past week was so great. I was actually feeling a bit guilty yesterday because at one point during our Washington trip I wanted to come back to NC and just see Knox. I felt guilty for not enjoying ever moment with my family and friends and even thinking about leaving. Now all I want is my family to come visit. And they better come visit! Let's hope they can take a hint. Enjoy your Thursday people. 
love, Carlee

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