Monday, December 23, 2013

Family Christmas photos

So this is becoming a new tradition. Since I take photographs (wouldn't call myself a photographer.) Clark's mom asked me to take some family photos so she could put together a Christmas card. And we are all Wengel's this year (you know because Clark and I got married in July.) It was fun and kind of last minute. But I am glad she remembered and glad we got some taken and put in a Christmas card. I really want to do a Christmas card with Clark, Knox, and I. I guess I should get on that huh. 
I also really like this last photo even though it is a little blurry. Here are the photos from last Christmas. We went with the Army theme last year since it was Clark's first year in the military. The backgrounds are the same in for this year and last. My mother in law has the cutest cabin in the woods and that is where these photos were taken. And here is the Christmas card that Clark's mom is sending out this year. love, Carlee

1 comment:

  1. i love these photos!
    and i love the red! it makes you all stand out.

    happy holidays to you all!


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