Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Clark Park Covered Bridge

Over the weekend we headed out to Clark Park. It was one of the first places I went in Fayetteville. Last time we went it was summer and we actually took a wrong trail that lead us to the main road. But this time we actually found the good trails and also this little gem of a covered bridge. I guess I have started a tradition because both covered bridges I have been wearing these orange skinny jeans and so now I should make sure I wear them every covered bridge I visit. Weird tradition... Also I know that most people are getting snow but here it still fully looks like fall. Even though it is pretty chilly. 
It was actually wet when we visited it had just got done raining for two days but it was still really fun and I am really excited to go back and visit during the spring and on a nice day. These photos also make me really happy and make me think of a Disney movie. Like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, makes me happy to know there are little pockets of the world that are magical. We often see beautiful places on pinterest that are half a world away but sometimes these beautiful places are right in our back yard if we just open up and explore. Have you seen my new North Carolina tab? I love adding new places and if you ever come to NC you can use it as a vistiors guide. 
In real life news, I have been watching re-runs of the Office and hanging out with my awesome pup. Clark is doing medical training this week so he will be combat medical certified after this week. I guess its pretty intense training. Clark and I are also headed to Washington State this weekend. We are SO excited. We will be there visiting family for a little over a week and celebrating Christmas with our families. We are lucky enough to have our families in the same town. So we are waiting until we get back to put up a Christmas tree which I am excited about! Anyways Happy Tuesday. 
love, Carlee
Hat: Clark's
Boots & Coat: Target
Pants: Marshalls
Shirt: Old Navy
Socks: H&M


  1. lovely blog :)

  2. Love this outfit! Stunning pictures as well :)
    xo, Connie


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