Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Crawfish Lake

My parents own a cabin up at Crawfish Lake in Eastern Washington. It is the best little lake and perfect low key, woodsy, retreat. It is not a resort lake or anything like that. Some people don’t even have running water in their cabins, luckily we do. There is also barely any cell service. But that is some of the reasons why it is great. It’s an outdoor escape. We went up to the cabin for a night when I was home in March. If you follow me via instagram, you probably know this already. But I wanted to share lots more photos here.
Although it was mid March the lake was frozen solid. We didn’t venture to far into the middle because we didn’t know how strong the ice was but it was really solid right in front of our cabin. We put ice skates on and even played a little hockey. There was some frosty/snowy stuff on the ice so it wasn’t the smoothest skate but man it sure was fun to spend time with my little bro and mom.

We also got to swing our our neighbors swing which goes out over the lake and we also got to sled outside on the hill behind the cabin. It’s crazy how much snow there was for beginning March. Also I have never been up there when there has been that much snow and the lake frozen. We had to hike in because the National Forest Service locks the gate to the lake in the winter so we had to hike (which is basically just walking) in about 1 mile.
I also got to take some really awesome photos on the sky! The stars were crazy nuts outside. It took me a while in the freezing cold to get it right but I got some great photos. I also got 2 shooting stars on camera. How cool is that? #freakingcool Anyways I had a really great time. And if you are ever in the area I would recommend staying up at the Crawfish Lake Campground in the summer. You have to pack in everything you need as there is no store. But the cool refreshing lake is so nice, bring some tubes or floaties!
Pink Scarf: Nordstrom Rack
Striped long sleeve: Old Navy
Black sweats: Nike
Everything else: old cabin attire

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  1. im in love with all these pictures! they look so beautiful!
    specially those stars! super mega emoji heart eyes!!!!

    its my dream to see stars like that. i love it!!!!


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