Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our apartment: april 2015

So Clark got back from Florida last Friday and before he came home I spent the previous two days cleaning up, vacuuming, washing clothes, and I thought it was the perfect time to take some photos of the apartment. It was semi clean (excuse the few straggling dog hairs) and of course the dog is back up on the couch as soon as the vacuum is put away. I haven’t shared any photos of our apartment since December so I thought it was time since we did a little rearranging since then. And also because I want to remember our first apartment that we lived in together.
It is only a one bedroom apartment but it’s fairly big for a one bedroom. And one of my favorite features is that the bedroom is right of the entry but there is also a second door in the bathroom that leads into our bedroom so it’s kind of like we have a master bedroom with a bathroom attached. Although the bathroom is the only one in the house it’s nice to have a door right off the bedroom and also one from the entry when people come over. Another thing I like about that is when the doors are all open you can walk in a complete circle through the bedroom, bathroom, entry, living room and back to the bedroom. This is fun because sometimes I like to play tag with Knox and I will run around and stop so he won’t know where I am and then he comes around the corner really quickly. I am scared every time. He is a quick little guy. 
So yes the plant next to the TV is almost dead and I am not helping him a long at all. I was gone for 3 weeks back in March and I am sure Clark didn’t water it so now I think I just need to throw him out. But for right now he is covering some of the power cords that are pludged into the wall. Also the triangles behind the TV wall are still going after a year and a half. View my DIY post for that project here. We got our couches from Ashley’s Furniture and I’ll be honest I don’t like them and neither does Clark. The backs don’t hold up well and get all squished down so now we know. Our dining room table I bought for $100 at Target and it’s perfect for it’s simple purpose right now. I mostly use it for painting and crafts so it gets a lot of use. You can also tell it gets a lot of use with it’s paint splatters and such.

The art work behind he couch: The large painting of the mug in a military suit (so random right) we got from a artist in New York City. He was so sweet and had painted it. If you want to find him he said that he is there Saturday and Sunday in Central Park right by the Met, he is Asain but you’ll be able to tell it’s him from the gorgeous/fun/awesome paintings. The sloth pulling down the Titanic Clark got for me for my birthday from this Etsy shop. The Puget Sound map, I found in my grandmas garage. The abstract painting I did myself. Excuse the horrible lighting in the bathroom there is no window in there.

Happy Tuesday!
love, Carlee 


  1. You have the best wall art ever, Carlee! I totally adore the general pug portrait. Anyhow, I'm very fond of how lovely your apartment is and I particularly find your kitchen charming. Also, the abstract painting you put up in the bathroom looks wonderful. Good job! More to come I hope! :)

    Willard Evans @ Wow Homes

  2. I have a bathroom with two doors as well. It is nice because it does seem like a master math but then there is the door to the hallway for the kids. The only problem comes when I want privacy and I forget to lock both of the doors. Inevitably, one of the kids will barge in unexpectedly.

    Ronnie Hogan @ Sycamore Terrace Temecula


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