Monday, April 27, 2015

Paisley in the spring

After looking at these photos I realize that my black purse and brown boots don’t really go together but hey we were just going to a casual dinner and when I was looking in my full length mirror I didn’t have my purse on me so here we are. I got these awesome Steve Madden boots from TJ Maxx on Clearence. They are super comfy and cute! Also I love this dress, I have had it for a couple of months but this is my first time wearing it on the blog. So JUST SO NO TO LOOKING AT THE CAMERA IN OUTFIT POSTS!!! haha 

Clark got back from Tampa Florida on Friday and we went to Olive Garden on a little date night. First reason was because I haven’t had it in forever and I was craving their breadsticks like it was nobodies business and reason #2 was because there was nothing in our house to eat for dinner since I hadn’t really gone shopping in the 2 weeks he was gone. I basically just ate all the food in the house and didn’t want to carry the groceries up 2 flights of stairs by myself while Clark was gone. Anyways its good to have my man back and to have cured my craving haha. 

The sun it out today and after having a raining weekend, I am thankful for that!
love, Carlee

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