Thursday, April 23, 2015

Take me to the beach

On Tuesday, my friend and I headed to Wrightsville Beach just past Wilmington NC. She had never been to that beach and since it was a Tuesday in the middle of spring we figured it was a good time to go since there probably wouldn't be many people. It was the perfect day. There was just a few people and no clouds in the sky. Her daughter, who is 2, loved the water so much and I think could probably have stayed at the beach all day long. We hunted for seashells, drew our names in the sand and waded in the ocean. The temperature was about 75 degrees and while it was nice and warm and sunny it definitely wasn't hot enough to go full on swimming in the ocean. Although there were some people doing it so obviously it can be done. 
We also fed the seagulls. At first I was just throwing a couple pieces of Pringles to one seagulls that was near me. And then I think he called all his friends over because there were a ton of seagulls and one pigeon that was fearless. And my friends 2 year old daughter Lea was so into it. She wanted to give all the seagulls chips and we were laughing and I am pretty sure people around us thought we were crazy because there were seriously SO many seagulls around us at one point. And some were hovering in the air. It was pretty funny.
After the beach we ate some lunch/dinner since it was like 3:30pm it was probably linner (is that even a thing) haha. Then we went to downtown Wilmington were we got ice cream at the best place. Its Kilwin's Ice Cream and Chocolate. It's all homemade and they have the greatest selection of homemade candy and fudge. I have raved about them before so if your in downtown Wilmington you should go. Then we walked along the boardwalk for a while and ate our ice cream. We petted all the dogs that went by and even stopped to admire the horses that were pulling the carriages. 

After a long day we finally headed home. It was such a fun day spent with fun people. And since both of our husband were out of town for training it was nice to have some girl time. We chatted away about all sorts of stuff! And when I finally got home around 9:30 pm I was so tired that all I did was feed my dog and then took him to the bathroom and then went straight to bed! Happy Thursday.
love, Carlee

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