Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cliff jumping

One of the best things that we did while we were in Washington State visiting family was go cliff jumping. This was something that Clark and I did a lot in high school with our friends and so we decided that it would be cool to take my little brothers as well as Clark's sister. We actually ended up going twice. The time pictured below and one day we took my little brothers out of school to lunch (they are in middle school) and then ended up playing a little hooky and taking them cliff jumping then as well. Luckily, my parents are super cool and since we were only there for a few days they didn't mind if the boys skipped a little bit of school to see us. 
The GIF I made above is actually of my little brother doing the jump called junior suicide. It is the second tallest cliff jump you can do. The tallest being suicide. Clark has done junior suicide before but I have never seen anyone do suicide before. Although, Clark said he has seen a couple crazy guys doing it. 
The photo above is a joke photo. Clark's sister is just pretending to push my little brother. That is like the one rule of the cliffs. NO PUSHING anyone in. 

It the dead of summer cliff jumping is awesome because the water isn't so cold and the weather is so hot that all you want to do is play in the water! When we went these two times it was a little chilly so most of us only jumped off one or two times but one of my little brothers is fearless and jumped like 6 times and swam in the water a lot. 

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