Thursday, June 2, 2016

Winthrop Washington

Winthrop Washington is one of the cutest towns in all of Washington State. I know that is a big statement but it is 100% true. It is an old western town suppose to look like a mining town in the late 1800s. The city put in an ordinance in 1972 when the North Cascades highway was being built to keep the town looking western. So any new building has to be built to look like a 1890 mining town. It is such a pretty town with a river running through it. The town is awesome and we used to driving through it every time we drove to my grandmas house on Whidbey Island Washington. 
My mom and stepdad just opened a nightly rental suite in Winthrop WA. It is super cute and in downtown. It's on the river and like 100 steps from some amazing homemade ice cream. It is called Riverside Retreat and if you are ever looking into staying in Winthrop you should check it out. My mom took Clark and I up to see it which I was very excited to because my mom has been talking about it and the renovations for about two months now so it was awesome to finally see it finished. Memorial Day weekend was the first weekend it could be rented and they got a reservation right away! I am very proud of my mom. She keeps me inspired to start new adventures and projects! She totally rocks.
So while my mom had to meet with some people for the rental, Clark and I strolled around town. We even got western photos taken which was really fun! We of course got ice cream at Sheri's Sweet Shop. I got blackberry and maple nut in a homemade waffle cone and clark got chocolate peanut butter in a cup! It is so yummy. And the shops in Winthrop are so darn cute! I loved the bookstore, the Wine Shed, and the Courtyard Quail! 
Happy Thursday
love, Carlee
Tank: Old Navy
Shorts: Target
Sandals: Teva
Cardigan & Purse: JCPennys

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