Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband: E.J. Copperman, Jeff Cohen

I absolutely loved this book. This is the second book in a series called an Asperger's mystery series. I actually read the first book back in 2014 which was called The Question of the Missing Head which is written by the same authors and the reason I read it was because I was scanning the new realeses shelf at the library and I loved the cover art and the title was interesting so a few days ago after I
finished Carry On I was looking around to see what book I might want to read next. I remember how much I liked the Question of the Missing Head so I looked it up on Amazon to see if there was any recommendation and I realized they had written a second book that followed the first one and it was a available at my library! So I picked it up first thing.

It should be noted that the books should be read in order just so you have more background on who the characters are. The story could stand alone but you might be wondering why some of the information seems random but if you read the first one it will make total sense and you'll get to know the characters better. I think the reason I liked these books so much it because they are thriller/mystery without the gore and sinister side (hello- Stephen King and Gillian Flynn) so they are fun quick reads because you want to know what happens but there isn't any real pyschological torment which is nice haha. Not that I don't mind that once in a while.

This book definitively kept me flipping the page and wanting to continue to read it. It has really great cliff hangers at the ends of some chapters. One thing that I didn't love was how rushed the ending seemed. It was a lot of build up and then like one page of explanation. I think I need to know a little more why and it seemed a little bit like the authors didn't know exactly how to finish it strong. But it was still good and totally worth it. I did love the gesture that Samuel did to the female detective at the end of the book, he is such a nice guy. Also they are releasing another book in the series in September and I am super excited about it! 

I realized that my 'book reviews' aren't very good book reviews. I don't give insightful commentary about the themes of the book and so on. I also don't want to give any spoilers so there is that. I hope y'alls Thursday is off to a good start!
love, Carlee 

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  1. oooh!, you should totally check out Dean Koontz! hes my fave author. kind of like SK but not nowhere near as graphic. its more "theres no way" kinda style. love the dude.
    i read over 80 something of his books.

    i really enjoyed the odd thomas series but i still have 1 book of that series to go. i think im still in denial.


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