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The best of Fayetteville, NC

Clark and I have lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina for three years now so I think it was the appropriate time to write a post the best of Fayetteville, NC. I know three years isn’t that long in some cases but I am the type of person that really tries to make the post out of every place they live or visit so I really do think I have had a good time here and can recommended things that the wide internet might not be able to tell you. So here is goes my guide to/ the best Fayetteville, NC. On another note, I think there are lots of places that I missed that are definitely worth visiting so this isn't a end all be all guide.

Food & Drink
- Will’s Grill: This place is a family owned and operated joint and have the best burgers! Make sure to order your burger with the famous pretzel bun (it’s their signature!)

- Lindy’s: This place is advertised as a spaghetti and pizza restaurant  but if you go to their Yelp reviews all anyone can talk about is there breakfast! Maybe they just don’t have time to get a new sign. But let me let you there breakfast is pretty darn good. Go on Saturday or Wednesday and get the S.O.S (Biscuits and Sausage gravy). Also they serve breakfast all day so don’t worry about sleeping in late on the weekend.

- The Coffee Scene: This place is a great little coffee joint with a really good atmosphere inside. So cozy and they even have a loft. People buy there coffee and study or work. Also they have gelato! Get the cookies and cream it’s delicious. They also have Krispy Kreme gelato although I will admit I haven’t tried it!

- Rude Awakening: we love this cute coffee shop downtown and it is our go to place for awesome fruit smoothies.

- Luigi’s: A really great Italian restaurant!

-Crazy Fire: is a Mongolian grill restaurant. Where you pick out your choice of meat and vegetables and the cooks grill/fry it up right in front of you. We have one of these back home in WA that is to die for and this one is pretty good to satisfy the craving.

-Shoguns: We had showguns with our good friends it’s a great hibachi restaurant. It’s on Ramsey Street and is really good. I recommend the steak hibachi dinner. Clark loves there sushi and you can even get there sushi rolls deep fried and Clark totally loves it that way. (All you have to do is ask.) You can also sit at a table and have them make the dinner right in front of you we just opted for the regular seating.

-Mash House: This is an American food restaurant, steaks, mashed potatoes, salads, sandwiches, burgers, etc. They even brew there own beer and rootbeer. I got the rootbeer float and it is great! I heard GREAT things about there blondie dessert and there onion rings and steaks are fantastic. 

M & D’s: A great little pancake, waffle, and breakfast house! My friends loves it and wants to go like every single morning on the weekends haha. I think they like it so much because you get SO MUCH food with just one order.

Mary Bill’s: I personally haven't been to this restaurant but a lot of our friends have and it has wonderful reviews.
Things to do
- Airborne Special Operations Museum: we have only been here once and it was one of the first things we did when we moved to Fayetteville. It is a really cool museum and I know they have new exhibits about every month.

-Caver Falls: so this little awesome waterfall is actually on the ziplining property. We having done the ziplinning before but we did hike to the waterfall and it was so pretty. We did see a snake in the water and that is about the time we left. I cannot handle the water snakes here in NC, ugh. haha

-Cape Fear Regional Theater: A theater that puts on live plays and musicals. Here is a post about when we went and saw Spamalot.

- Cameo Art House Theater: This is a great little local theater in downtown Fayetteville. They play indie alternative movies and you can even order beer and wine while you watch your movie. They have really comfy seats and a great atmosphere.

- Lake Rim: In western Fayetteville toward Raeford NC. There is a fishing dock and some awesome trails and on the far side of the lake there are houses. You can't walk around the hole lake which is unfortunate but it is a big lake so it would take a while to walk around it anyways.

- Downtown / Market House: The market house is definitely what the Space Needle is to Seattle. If you see a postcard from Fayetteville it usually has the Market House on it which is in the round about in the middle of downtown. It is actually a place where they use to sell slaves which is a weird bit of history. During special events the upstairs museum is open to go into.

- Gillis Hill Farm: A family farm that sells pumpkins in the fall and has a corn maze. They also have a little market during harvest season to sell other produce and they sell homemade ice cream year around!

- Clark Park/ Cape Fear River Trail: This is a trail that is 5.3 miles one way so it is a very long trail that can be enjoyed. It goes along the Cape Fear River and has bathrooms along the way and even water stations.

- The Climbing Place: This is a rock climbing place that is pretty fun. They have belaying or free climb. We have only free climbed here because you have to do a little class to belay but I don’t think it’s that long.

-Fayetteville FireAntz: They aren't the best hockey team in the world but a little fun sporting outing is a good time once in a while. They play at the crown colosseum by the Fayetteville airport.

-Just Claying Around: This is a paint ceramic place that is awesome. They have all sorts of ceramics to paint and so many colors. Reasonable priced.  And you get your pieces back within a week, fired and done.

-Arsenal Park: a post about time at the park.

-1897 Poe House: read more about the Poe House here!

- Putt Putt Fun Center: Such an awesome place to putt putt, there are batting cages, go carts, and an arcade.

-Fort Bragg: For Bragg is the largest military installation in the world and has lots to offer actually. Golf courses, ice skating rink, museums, bowling, lakes, etc. Also, just driving around and seeing all the soldiers at work is pretty cool.

Things to see
-The wisteria in the spring
-Babe Ruth marker (where he hit his first home run)
-The mini Eiffel Tower in Fayetteville.
- Gilchrist Bridge, this is a cool little old bridge near Raeford.

- Cumberland County Fair
- Dogwood Festival
- Dickens Christmas
- Zombie Walk
- Christmas in the Park
- International Folk Festival

-The Krispy Kreme in Fayetteville has a really cool old vintage sign.
- There are some really cool murals/ painted walls in Fayetteville.
- There is a small version of the Effiel Tower here.
- This road side market is the best. Beautiful flowers in the spring/summer. Pumpkins in the fall and trees during Christmas.

A little ways away.
- Antique Street Fair in Cameron NC
- Raven Rock State Park in Lillington NC
- Carver’s Creek State Park in Spring Lake NC
- Gross Farms Pumpking and Strawberry Picking
- Weymouth Woods
- Martin Park and 50 acre dog park

I think it's so fun to live in new places and really take advantage of that. Since we are a military family we will be moving around a lot and this was our first duty station. It was awesome to get to know a town in North Carolina and really make it feel like home. I can't wait to get to know more towns just like this one across the world and the USA.

Let me know if you have any recommendations to add to this list.
love, Carlee 


  1. Definitelly I need to visit this place one day !
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  2. I have been in Fayetteville but did not realize there was so much to do.

    PS- I assume that English is not your first language so here are some tips: There vs Their: there-refers to a place or condition, 'go over there' 'there is so much to do'. their -refers to people, 'it is their restaurant. whole vs hole: whole refers to the whole thing, 'I ate the whole hamburg' hole refers to a tear or space 'there is a hole in my shirt'' 'this joint is a hole in the wall'.
    Hope this helps you


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