Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Amsterdam was our last stop on the trip.  We sort of book ended the trip we flew in and out of Amsterdam.  We got to Amsterdam in the morning fairly early so we had to wait a little while to check in so we ended up renting bikes for a few hours and biking around . We biked to that I Am Amsterdam sign and there was a book fair going on and so there is tents set up right in front of it and people are still obviously trying to get photos but Clark had this great great idea of of taking a photo on every letter and then photoshopping them together which actually turned out really cool. At one point I was trying to get down and Clark was helping me and I basically fell thank goodness he was there to catch me. We also rode by the Heineken experience it was just fun riding around seeing the canals. There are so many bikes and not very many cars so it's super easy to navigate.

We ended up going to the Amsterdam cheese store and getting 24 month old aged Gouda which was so good when we got home to Italy we ate at in about two days and we also went to the flower market which is insane!  There are so many tents and booths set up I think it's like every day on the street and there are tulip bulbs just like crazy amounts of flowers and bulbs and gifts it's crazy I ended up buying three sacks of bulbs to send back to my mom in the United States. There was special ones that you had to buy for the United States and Canada so they could clear customs. They ended up making it to her and she love them and to get tulips from Holland I think is pretty cool.

We went on a canal tour on a boat which was really cool it was awesome to learn about history of Amsterdam and to see the city from the canals which is how a lot of people see the city. So that was really fun and then in the evening we went to the red light district we had walk-through during the day but definitely it's worth it to walk through it again at night. It's very touristy these days people say so it's not as racy as it could be but still it's pretty cool I mean it is very touristy but worth it.

In the morning we headed to the Anne Frank house which we had tickets for which I totally recommend. The original diary is at the Anne Frank house so see that was awesome. We actually spent a good couple hours there and then by the time we were done with that it was time to head back to the airport to fly back to Naples am speaking of the airport the traffic on the way there is really bad and the Rent-A-Car place is a long way from the terminal so get there in plenty of time we did not have lots of time and we barely made our flight but I'm glad we did .
Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Nike

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