Thursday, September 8, 2016

Brussels, Belgium

I absolutely fell in love with Brussels, Belgium. I think one of the reasons that this city made me swoon was because I didn’t have an expections for it or preconceived notions. We just talked to our landlords the other day and told them how much we loved it and they thought it was so funny because they said it even one of the best cities in Europe. He said Budapest, Paris, Rome, and Prague are the best cities in Europe or the prettiest so I can’t wait to visit those. But even still we loved Brussels. 
We stayed two nights in Brussels at the Atlas Hotel which was in the perfect location. In the center and close walking distance to everything. We mainly walked and did a hop on hop off bus tour while there. We got into Brussels late after our flight so we basically just had one full day there. We saw so many beautiful churches and The Grand Place. We actually just ‘accidentally’ came upon it while walking threw a back alley and let me tell you that is the way to see it. Just coming onto it when you least expect it. Takes your breath away. I usually do tons of research before we go to a place which is good because we get to pack a lot in. But since most of our trips here so far have been fairly short notice I haven’t been able to do that. Which is kind of nice actually because that means everything is a beautiful surprise. I mean, obviously some planning and research is involved but not to the extent as other trips.

We saw beautiful churches and alleys and ate too many Belgian waffles and we saw Manneken Pis (he is so small haha.) We saw the giant atom built for the Worlds Fair and we were stuck in the worst traffic jam in our lives. Luckily we were not driving but we were on the bus so everyone on the bus was just laughing because there was really nothing else to do. Now if Clark or I had been driving that would have been a different story haha. The street art was also something that I totally adored. There is even a walking tour you can do to see all the comic murals around the city. We didn't have time to do it but we did end up seeing quite a few murals and lots of other street art. They even have an open wall where one can paint anything. Such an amazing vibrate city.
love, Carlee

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