Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Arnhem & Posbank, Netherlands

After Luxembourg we headed north back to the Netherlands. The night before we didn't know where we were going to stop in the Netherlands we knew we wanted to be fairly close to Amsterdam so we didn't have to make that long of a drive the next day but we were looking at places to stay and things to do and Clark actually found this town called Arnhem. He found it because he was researching world war two sites and the bridge and Arnhem is actually a place that had one of the biggest airborne missions in World War II, after Normandy. So we ended up driving up to Arnhem and staying the night there and once we got there we looked around the bridge and went to these tourist museums. We actually ended up meeting this really nice guy who gave us a lot of information on Arnhem and World War II his mother and father were actually living in the city when the Germans invaded. His mother is still alive so he says he asks her about the war all the time him and he was really nice and it was really fun to get to hear the perspective of someone who live through it. Unfortunately, the Germans actually won Arnhem and then that's when they secede the Netherlands for the rest of the war but it was still a very cool site and memorial.

Most of the city was destroyed during WWII but the church remains and the building next to the church called The Devil's House still stands as well. The Devil's House is where the Germans set up camp, it was there hub for operations in Arnhem. They were planning more attacks. But the US Air Force bombed the bridge so that way they couldn't cross the river. 
We also came across this great national park when I was doing some research of Arnhem, called Veluwe National Park. There are these hills called Posbank in the national park. And these bushes and flowers bloom purple every year in the summer and luckily we just happened to be there within 30 minutes of where this was and so I knew we had to go so we ended up going around sunset and there were so many photographers set up just waiting for sunset with their big cameras on the lookout. We explore the trails a little bit and came across the Scottish cow with the long hair in front like bangs. We actually think he was lost he was doing this weird yodeling thing and then if we listened really hard we could hear the same thing in the distance and so we think he was trying to get back to his herd.
I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures of the purple flowers that were blooming. I just don't think that any of them did it justice. But that it usually how it is. Everything is better in person, am I right? After we went back to Arnhem and strolled the streets and listened to street music and had a wonderful time. Don't judge me, but I did end up getting a McFlurry at McDonalds! They had Peanut M&M McFlurries! I knew I had to try it and yes it was as delicious as it sounds. yum. 
love, Carlee
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