Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dinant and Esch-sur-Surè

 After Brussels we drove to south Belgium to a city called Dinant. Which is where we had the best Belgian chocolate ever, we actually just ended up picking a bunch of pieces and trying them as we went and the city had absolutely gorgeous cliff faces.  Belgium and the Netherlands which is where we drove through was mostly flat. So it was nice to see mountains and there is even a castle on the cliff and this amazing church on the water. We walked around for a little while went into different candy stores and then we headed on to Luxembourg. But I am telling you Dinant is such a gorgeous little town and definitely worth the stop if you are in southern Belgium. We were only about two hours away from Luxembourg and since Luxembourg is such a small little country and I knew that we were close I thought we can't be this close and not go to it so I was researching where to go we didn't necessarily want to go to Luxembourg city so we ended up going to Esch-sur-Sure.
Esch-sur-Sure was so cute there was two castles on the top of these hills that we climbed up and we ended up having lunch at this little café.  One thing that we weren't expecting was that no one spoke English in this town. In the Netherlands and Belgium (keep in mind we were in the bigger cities) it was super easy and we didn't have any issues and then here in Italy not a lot of people speak English but we know some Italian so we can get by but in Luxembourg most people spoke French or German and we don't speak those languages really at all and it was really hard to ask for anything I wanted water and I couldn't even ask for a water so I ended up getting a Coke lol. 
It was really great to get out of some of the major cities and see some of the countryside we also came along this World War II museum right by Ardennes and Clark noticed it because there is a street on Fort Bragg called Ardennes and we saw these American flags and we were like why are there American flags in the middle of southern Belgium and then we came across as World War II museum so we stopped and we went inside and that was really cool. You should've seen me also get really excited about cows and sheep in the countryside. Everything is more exciting on vacation, am I right? haha
love, Carlee
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  1. those stairs! the ones above Clarks picture, can you walk those? that seems like a crazy work out!

    im loving all of your posts!!!
    hope you guys are doing well! <3


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